International Commodity Broker Class

“The School of Arete” specializes in helping people by providing
a turn key business package and the training to get their
“International Broker’s” office open and running. Typically you
will be in operation in the first week of the two week course.

How the training works.

The program is for two weeks and we talk everyday on the phone.
We can arrange to meet via telephone during the day or early evening.
The amount of time each day can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours
depending upon what needs to be done for that day.

The first week is terminology, contracts and setting up your office.
Registering with your paymaster and understand how to get leads
via the internet for free. Second week is three way calling and
research for offers to sell and buy. Meet people in my network
and start building your own network. Choosing what area you wish
to work in. Third week you will have your office up and most
probably be involved in your first transaction.

What it takes to be an
International Commodity Broker ?

If you have a burning desire to work in large sales, in the
millions of dollars, then please take a good look at the
world of “International Commodity Brokering”.
Closing large transactions requires skills that can be learned.
For an appointment to explore further how we
operate as brokers and to see if we are a fit for you
first listen to the 1-888-560-7530 10 minute overview recorded message.