Hello, my name is Jay Wilder.

I work as an “International Commodity Broker”, also
know as an ICB and I am looking for a few, qualified
people to work with me.

Please have a pen and paper handy for at the end
of this message I am going to give you my email address
so you can receive an information package from me and my office
phone number if you’d like to call me directly.

Let me warn you this is a long and informative
message, so get comfortable and write down any questions you
may have. If we talk on the phone, I’ll be happy to answer
all of your questions. And, don’t worry if you don’t get
everything on the this first call, call back as often as
you like until you understand what an ICB is so you can
know enough to see if being one will work for you.

Now, you may be wondering how can anyone
make $250,000 per month. And, you may doubt if you could
ever accomplished making that much money for yourself.
Well, the fact is people do and you can too.

That is you can with the right attitude, the right belief
system and with the right knowledge of how to. We are very
fortunate to live in a country and in a time when the average
person can become a multi millionaire in a few short years.
“If” they have the support and courage to go forward into
dramatically changing their life for the better. And, if
they are in an arena where people become multi millionaires.

You see the international market for commodities
is very strong. The need for raw materials of all kinds
is expanding and growing. Even in the economic down turn,
we are busier than ever. Whenever there is chaos in the
market place there are also new opportunities.

International commodity sales is, to my knowledge,
the last business arena where someone can come in with
nothing more than their “guts”, a sharp mind and
willingness to work and learn and make a ton of money

What do I mean when I say a ton of money. Well,
an ICB can make $100,000 on one transaction for one
month’s sale. If the contract is for 12, 24, 36 ,or 48 months
the broker will make the commission of $100,000
every month for the term of the contract. Or, some larger
contracts actually generate $250,000, $300,000 or more per month.

I am saying is that I teach you how to be an ICB.
I can train you in a short time to be in your own business
negotiating million dollars deals. You see there is a world
wide network of brokers that put buyers and sellers together
every day of the week. When I got into this business I was
shocked to find out how much business opportunity there is
for an ICB. I read the business section in newspapers and
magazines and I had never, ever heard about this dynamic
and profitable business arena.

What I am offering to do is to introduce you to this
international network and train you how to close contracts.
With my training program and knowledge you will have a
complete turnkey business kit and the ability to source
any finished product or raw material anywhere in the world.
Not only source the product, but also source buyers looking
for products and source sellers looking for buyers.

And, you will know how to master the “Biggest Little
Secret in the World”. What is the “Biggest Little Secret in
the Whole World”?

It is this — “thoughts are creative”. Thoughts Are Things.
As such, thoughts have physical properties. Thoughts are magnetic.
Being magnetic they attract “like things” or other thoughts of the
same nature to them. You see “like attracts like”. That is why
when you are having a bad it can get worse and worse. Or, when
you are winning you keep on wining. Like attracts like. What
you think makes a difference for thoughts are creative.

The very, very good news is that when you know
and live this awareness you can “create your preferred reality”.

You can interrupt the cycle of lack. You can
align with universal principals and become wealthy.

For being wealthy is natural. Look at nature — an apple
tree doesn’t produce enough apples to just get by, an apple
tree produces bushels of apples. And, you are more powerful
than an apple tree. You can produce bushels of money. It is
natural to do so. When you know how and when you follow
universal principals.

What I am saying is that what your held “Belief
Systems” are, is what draws to you what you receive and
there by experience in the world.

The classic book “Think and Grow Rich” by
Napoleon Hill teaches this and “Think and Grow Rich” has
made many, many people wealthy by teaching how to put
conscious thought into action.

What you can learn by going through my training
is not only the information about creating what you
want by mastering your thinking abilities and attitudes,
but you also will have the vehicle with which the
wealth you desire can come into your life.
This fact is key:
Attitude + desire + work + correct business vehicle =WEALTH
This an informal training, in that I work one
on one with you and make sure you learn what you need to
learn to be successful and quickly.

At this point I have a strong network of buyers
and sellers. The commodities I speak of are actual
goods … like, crude oil, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline,
asphalt, food products, scrap metal, gold, diamonds,
financial instruments. Well, actually any raw material
you can think of you can find a source for once you have
the complete international brokers business kit up and working.
We do all of the training over the phone and by email.
Each day, Monday through Friday, we meet on the phone.
The call may be 15 minutes or two hours or more. By the
end of the second week I can have you in active

You see, I have more business that I can handle.
I need help and the kind of help I need can’t be found
by placing an ad in the local classified ads because
very few people know how to be an International
Commodity Sales Broker and those that do have either
made their millions and are retired or they are in the
business for themselves. So you see I need some one
willing to learn a new way to make a lot of money.
Now you are probably asking yourself, How long
before I can get paid working as an ICB? I have two
important areas for you to consider.

  1. How big of change are you intending to make in
    your life? Where are you in making money and where
    do you wish to go to.
  2. Your temperament, your skills and your current
    experience. It make take you two weeks, six weeks,
    or even six months. You have to be prepared to let
    yourself learn what you don’t know and develop the
    knowledge and skills to be successful as an ICB. You
    need to be truthful about what it’s going to take of
    you and give yourself enough time.

What I can promise you is that I will introduce you
into a world where large transactions are closed daily.

Where you can meet and work with other ICB business people
in all parts of the US and the world.

Here is what you will get when you decide to take
my course and become an ICB.

  1. How to get sales leads
  2. How to get buying leads
  3. How to qualify both seller and buyer
  4. How to get your commission written into the
    sales contract.
  5. How to protect yourself from circumvention
  6. Three way calling where you hear me
    negotiate a transaction
  7. Access to my broker network
  8. Transactions that you can go to work on as
    you train and even make a sale from the
    transaction I put you to work on.
  9. Training to have a “millionaire mindset” so
    that you sub-conscious automatically creates
    deals closing.
  10. How to build your own network of buyers and
    sellers. When a product comes in you know what
    buyer to take it to immediately.
  11. Numerous websites you can advertise on for
    free to have buyers and sellers call you
  12. Two Weeks of personal one on one training.
  13. A complete turnkey business kit.

There is a tuition I charge of $4,495 for the
information, contacts, training and support. You can pay
by check, money order, and Pay Pal. Or, you can use
Master Card, American Express, Visa, or Discover.

I charge $4,495 to make sure I am working with someone
that is committed and will follow through. And, what I give
back is my time, energy, knowledge and the contacts I have cultivated.

There are no licenses required to be an ICB.
It is a little know niche, that because of the internet
has grown dramatically over the last 3 to 5 years and
is continuing to grow.

Please feel free to listen to this recorded
message as often as you like until you are fully informed.

This is a limited situation as I only have so much
time per day. So, this offer is on a first come first
serve basis. My goal is to train a few qualified business
entrepreneurs to join our network of brokers.
If you are serious, call me and let’s get you
started on your path to being wealthy.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a
real business and your results will be determine by
you skills, time invested and determination.

You do need a computer, internet access and a
phone. That is the only expense you will have to develop
contacts and close deals. With the exclusive system I have
developed there is almost no over head.

What is most important is that you be open
minded, have a burning desire to be wealthy and be able to
follow through on details. If you can do this, you can
make millions as an ICB.

Here comes the beep, please speak slowly and leave you
name and phone number twice.

Jack Canfield, the creator to the book series
to act. The greatest growth is where the greatest fear is”.
“Chicken Soup for the Soul” which has sold over 1 Billion
dollars, says: “The main way to get past your fears is to act”
So, take action, leave your phone number and name.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Jay O. Wilder
School of Arete
Sedona, AZ

24 Hr.Info Msg: 1-888-560-7530 – Call as often as you like!

Definition of the word “Arete”
Arete in its basic sense means “goodness” or
“excellence” of any kind. In its earliest appearance
in Greece this notion of excellence was bound up with
the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function;
the act of living up to one’s full potential. It is
essentially being and doing one’s absolute best –
becoming the best person one can be.