Being an International Commodity Broker
is a “Team Effort”.  Come, learn to work with us.

Currently I have trained students in UK and USA. You will be able to meet
with them over the phone once you have decided to start. My intention is to
build a team capable of covering several different commodities. This will
enable us to have a far reach and increase our overall productivity.

How to Think Like a Broker

As I train people how to be an “International Commodity Broker” (ICB)
I get to learn a lot. The fact is before a person can really teach one something,
they have to fully understand it themselves. I have been a broker in the
Mortgage Business and now I am an International Commodity Broker.
I love being an ICB, in that it is very creative and requires creative thinking.
From my experience, I would say that one of the keys to be in successful is
being able to think the entire transaction through.

To be able to see each step and all of the possible variables involved with
each step is the single most important function for a broker to be able to
do. That is, think like a computer, crunch down all of the variables and
then chose a path of action.

Of course the path or plan will always be changing … and, when things
change, the broker that can than can crunch down all the variables
and come up with a “new plan” is the broker most likely to get the contract.

It’s kinda of like how a computer operates. The faster the chip speed,
the faster the data that the computer can crunch and come up with
a result. The faster you present options or answers to your clients the
more happy clients you will have. And, there by the more money will
come into your business.

Once the variable are reduced down to an actual plan the broker can
then choose the steps to take …. And, then taking the steps, being willing
to fail or succeed, but taking the steps … As an old saying goes:
” Feel the fear and then do it anyway!”.

Let me know if you have any ideas about what I am saying. Call and
bounce ideas off of me, I like creativity and one never knows where
the next great idea is going to come from.