Monthly Payment Program

To qualify for the monthly payment program,
the first step is to schedule an interview
with the CEO at School of Arete, Jay Wilder.

After the two way interview, and if both parties
agree to start the Monthly Payment Program,
then we take the next step.

The next step is to design a payment program
where you make monthly payments. The minimum
monthly payment is $200. This gets
you registered in the School of Arete. As you make
monthly payments, your payments are
deducted from the $4,495 tuition.

When your total amount paid reaches 25{1dedc56b38c7b31c5fa05001af2cc96893ecfbba9ab5846b5681807d280ad192} of the
tuition cost ($1123.75) , you start getting parts of
the business kit. So, at 25{1dedc56b38c7b31c5fa05001af2cc96893ecfbba9ab5846b5681807d280ad192} you get the first part
of the business kit, then 50{1dedc56b38c7b31c5fa05001af2cc96893ecfbba9ab5846b5681807d280ad192} and then 75{1dedc56b38c7b31c5fa05001af2cc96893ecfbba9ab5846b5681807d280ad192} you are
getting parts of the business kit to begin studying
and learning.

Once the total tuition is paid then we set up the one on one
training where I bring you into live deals and introduce
you to other brokers. And, teach you how to increase
our network by you finding buyers and sellers around the world.

Now, here is a powerful point. When you register with The School
of Arete, you get all of the tools for transformation. You pick from a
list of transformation tools and we start immediately having one on one
Skype classes about your TRANSFORMATION.

This is something I love… TRANSFORMATION ….. so, the more you want to
have one on one sessions the better I like it… also, I grow when I teach about

At any rate, you design the schedule based on your
needs and available time. Our meetings can be weekly, bi-weekly
or monthly. Please understand the entire monthly payment program
is designed by you.

The purpose is to get your mind ready to work in multimillion dollar
transactions. If you saw the first Karate Kid movie… it is
like wax on — wax off….

Here is a 31 second movie trailer for Karate Kid


When you enroll in the monthly payment program,
the most important fact is… you move out of I am “going to”
into a state of mind that says:

I am in training to be an International Commodity Broker.

For any clarification, or to discuss your situation,
email me and we’ll set up a phone meeting.

Experience or business skill isn’t as important as courage,
determination and a passion to transform your life into being
powerful so you can be of service to others.


Jay O. Wilder
School of Arete
Sedona, AZ

PS: For phone appointment, please email your phone
number and few good times for me to call you. I will
during the time windows you provide.

Thanks, I am looking forward to our working together.