“Money Mastery” – Free Online Library


“Money Mastery” – Free Online Library
13 short videos from different “world class” teachers
“Understanding Why You Have the Money Reality You Do Have”

Have you ever wondered why some people have plenty of money and some people don’t?
There is a reason…. which is ….money is an indicator of a person’s consciousness. Change your conscious and your money reality will also change. With the correct “set of tools” this is easier than it may seem.

In the “Money Mastery” free on line library I have collected 13 videos that I feel will give you insights into what I mean by: “Change your conscious and your money reality will also change”.

These videos are from various top notch teachers. Teachers I have been working with for years. Please watch the first five. Then if you wish to proceed, send me an email or call me and I will give you the pass code to watch the last 8 videos. These videos are actually strung together like a string of pearls. They all fit together in a synergistic way to give you information so you will have:

1) A deep understanding who you are.
2) Clarity on where you want to go in your life.
3) How to find the blocks in your mind and clear them.
4) How to reprogram you mind for greater success.
The School of Arete, helps people understand how their inner beliefs is determining how much money they make. To become an International Commodity Broker (ICB), the first step is to embrace learning where your “inner mind” is and how to create transformation. Then, when we work on multi million dollar transactions, you will be more likely to achieve success.
Make sense to you?

Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss these ideas in regards to you having more money in your life by transformation of your consciousness. This is something I personally do and it is a deep passion of mine to help others to the same also.
NOTE: I teach two subjects in the two week ICB training.
1) Personal Transformation
2) Business Mechanics (i.e. How to be an international commodity broker)
Thanks for your attention and open mindiness, I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Jay Wilder
School of Arete.

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