Questions & Answers About Being an
International Commodity Broker

1) How many hours a week will I be working as an
“International Commodity Broker” ?

ANSWER: That all depends on you. It is your business and you schedule your
time according to how many transactions you are working on and what you
wish to accomplish.. The number of hours you work per week is designed

2) How do the classes work?
ANSWER: We do all of the classes over email, Skype and  via phone.
At first we go through “terminology”, then you listen to me do three
way calling. You listen silently while I work on contracts. By listening
and watching you begin to understand what has to happen on each
successful transaction. Once you understand the overview of what
the buyer and seller need I put you to work. You will be able to be
working on contracts with me by the time you finish the second week.

3) Do you have references?

ANSWER: Yes, ask me when we talk on the telephone and I can provide you
with the names and phone numbers of brokers I work with and that I have trained.

4) How long will it take before I make any money?
ANSWER: This depends on what you bring to your business. Your past experiences
and skills will determine a lot about how fast you generate a commission.
Plus, of course how much time you put in each day.

5) How come I have never heard of about being an
“International Commodity Broker” before?

ANSWER: What I do, and what I can teach you to do, is to find buyers and
sellers over the internet. The way I run my office has only become
possible in the last few years because of the internet.
According to economic statistics worldwide commodity sales are
over 1 Trillion Dollars per day.