About Us

I have been very fortunate in the world of International Commodity Brokering.
I can truly say I love what I do. Each transaction is different. So, I am never
bored. I work with courageous people that have moved outside of their “box”
and work closing million dollar contracts.

I am originally from Mississippi and I have lived my adult life in Asheville, NC,
Northern and Southern California and Seattle, Washington State. Over the
years I have owned a chain of furniture stores, that I built from one store.
A summer camp for kids to learn computer programming. An organic
produce home delivery service in Marin County. A sterling silver important
company… and, even a lemonade stand when I was 10.

At 28 I had an experience of going into the light…. of actually being
light… that only lasted for 15 minutes, but it put me on the path of

At this stage in my life I have a grown daughter. I travel a lot to
India, Peru, Nepal, Europe and around the US. My greatest passion
is in being of service and facilitating a person’s breakthrough to a
richer and more productive life.

My motto is: “Heart Felt Service Is the Greatest Joy”

I am looking forward to meeting you. Call me for an appointment
so we can discuss your goals and objectives. And, design a game
plan to get you moving into being an ICB.

I do have a monthly lay-a-way plan. During the lay-a-way term,
I do transformational coaching with you. Once the full tuition,
$4,495 is fully paid, we start the business training.

When we set up an appointment, please make a list of all of
your concerns and questions. We will go over them one by one.


Jay O. Wilder
School of Arete
Sedona, AZ
24 Hr. Info Msg: 1-888-560-7530

Definition of the word “Arete”
Arete in its basic sense means “goodness” or
“excellence” of any kind. In its earliest appearance
in Greece this notion of excellence was bound up with
the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function;
the act of living up to one’s full potential. It is
essentially being and doing one’s absolute best –
becoming the best person one can be.