There is no licensing required for international sales broker of physical products.  We put buyers and seller together, similar to a Real Estate broker, but there is not any type of licensing for being an “international commodity broker” of physical goods.

Understanding Wealth Creation

“Being Wealthy” is a state of mind. Everyone has a set point as
to how much wealth they “believe” they can have. It is called
a “Havingness Level”. By working on multimillion dollar
transactions you Highness Level goes up.
Your mind is stretched to a larger set point.
And, raising your set point increases your havingness
level in all areas of your life. Whether you are a commission sales person,
hourly wage earner, salaried executive or even “out of work”, expand
your havingness level an enjoy greater financial income. And, realize
peace of mind from having “money in the bank”.

It is like gravity… it just works that way, even if you don’t believe
it does…it still does.

PS: The Universe Favors the Bold….. Actions Create Results.
Procrastination creates stress. Game on… is now up to
you to make a choice. Call for a one-on-one Q & A session.
PS: Ask about our “lay-a-way payment plan”. Start learning
“How to Be a Broker”, now.


     Welcome to my site. My name is Jay Wilder. I specialize in training people in the art of International Commodity Sales.I worked from my home office as an International Commodity Broker (ICB). I am looking for someone that can learn my business and work with me.

     For a two way interview, please read over the rest of this page, then call 1-888-560-7530. This 888 number will give you an overview of how we can work together.

Here are the details about learning to be an ICB

    • One-on-training via telephone and email
    • Three way calling to learn as you “train and work”.
    • How to be 100% sure you get paid your commissions
    • On-going training as you work and grow with our team
    • Turn key business kit ( audio files to listen to over your computer)
    • Your own free website set up and no per/month cost
    • Access to hundreds of ICB brokers around the US and World
    • Work part time or full time (perfect home based business)
    • No overhead, except a telephone line and internet connection
    • No license required
    • Work can be done via email or over the telephone
    • “Know How” on setting up your international banking
    • Personal development tools (books and CDs), classes and training

What does all of the above mean to you?

It means I can train you on how to put buyers and sellers together, similar to being a real estate broker. You and I get a commission
when the seller gets paid. Commissions can run in the hundreds of thousand of dollars.

We deal in Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Sugar, Scrap Metal, Coffee, Financial Instruments, Gold Bullion, Diamonds,Corporate Bonds for project funding collateral and many, many other products. The corporate bonds are for projects needing $40,000,000 or more in funding. I am a registered agent and you will operate under my agency.

Why this is of a benefit to you?

I have developed a proprietary method of finding buyers and sellers through the internet with out the need for advertising cost. I will
train you how I do this and also introduce you to my network of buyers and sellers. These contacts have been tested by me over the last 5 years.

If you are open minded to learn and grow beyond your current economic life style then let’s talk.

Dedication and determination are more important than skills or experience.

I can train you how to do this in two weeks of one-on-one training. By the end of the second week of training, I can have you in a transaction as a broker sharing in the commission.

Call now, my 24 hour toll free recorded message, for a complete overview at 1-888-560-7530

I look forward to speaking with you in person and answering all of your questions and concerns. Please remember to leave your name, email address and phone number at the end of 888 message recording.


Jay Wilder
School of Arete
24hr. info line: 1-888-560-7530
Sedona, AZ

Definition of the word “Arete”
Arete in its basic sense means “goodness” or
“excellence” of any kind. In its earliest appearance
in Greece this notion of excellence was bound up with
the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function;
the act of living up to one’s full potential. It is
essentially being and doing one’s absolute best –
becoming the best person one can be.


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